Meet Paula Jensen

Cameras, wild places and personal adventures have never been strangers to me.  As a kid, my little Instamatic followed me everywhere in Chicago, from the beaches of Lake Michigan to the Lincoln Park Zoo.  When I moved to Minnesota, tall pines, fast water, wildlife, and Lake Superior landscapes soon became endearing subjects for my Polaroid. And when I moved to California, my new 35mm couldn’t keep me away from clicking pictures of the beautiful Sierra’s, the fog-covered Golden Gate Bridge, the Ocean, the Redwood Forests and Wine Country.  My first solo photography adventure in Yellowstone happened right after Labor Day in 1979.  Roads were car-less and campgrounds had more bears than people.  The memorable road trip also took me across the magnificent Beartooth Pass, south of Red Lodge, Montana. While taking a picture from Vista Point, I suddenly realized that my nomad days were over. I was home.  Two months later, I was living in Montana near the Beartooth Mountains and Yellowstone.

Over the years I have come to appreciate the fragile nature of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, studying and photographing its landscapes, wildflowers and wildlife.  With a camera always nearby, my goal has been to capture those unexpected moments, like the bloom of the tiny Pasque Flower, the kaleidoscope of color that suddenly reveals itself at sunset or the whimsical look of a bear cub peeking out through the bushes.  Montana and the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem have become more than just friends to me. They have won a very special place deep in my heart and deep in my camera lens.

When I’m not wandering the woods taking pictures, you’ll find me playing my mountain dulcimer, fly fishing or writing outdoor photography articles. I’m in my fourth year as an outdoor photography columnist for the Northwoods Sporting Journal, a major sporting publication in New England and have numerous published articles and photos to my credit. I am also one of the very proud authors of The Montana Campfire Companion, a useful camping guide and destination reference for visitors planning a trip to Montana or Yellowstone. The book is packed with photos and includes a variety of information ranging from national forest destinations, useful camping tips and recipes to fishing strategies, poems and personal short stories. Being an avid angler, I was also lucky enough to be featured in an article called “Fly Fishing the West”, which appeared in Sky West Magazine, Delta Airline’s in-flight magazine.

In 1992, my husband and I established Montana Fly Fisherman, a small business offering high-quality photographic computer products to outdoor enthusiasts. In 2003 the business went online and continues to service customers nationwide.  For more information about our products, I invite you to visit our other website

In 2009, Big Sky Wild, a new division of Montana Fly Fisherman, was established to showcase my fine art photography. I also wanted to share my love and enthusiasm for the wildlife, wildflowers, mysteries, fury and beauty of Montana and the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.

I hope that you will enjoy your visit to Big Sky Wild and will visit often. I’ll be posting new pictures on a regular basis. With spring just around the corner, I know that you won’t want to miss seeing the antics of all the frisky critters around here as well as the spectacular wildflower color that will soon be carpeting our mountain slopes and foothills.

Safe journeys and happy clicking!  Paula Jensen