There’s an old Montana adage that says, “If you don’t like the weather, just wait five minutes. It will probably change”. Having lived in Montana for many years, I know this to be true. As a photographer, my camera is always ready for the unpredictable faces of Mother Nature.

Please join me on a spectacular photo tour that captures both the fury and magnificence of Montana weather. Breathe deep as a raging mountain snowstorm surrenders to the tranquility of blue skies, experience the shocking colors that magically appear in a July sunset, savor the quiet intrigue of a pre-dawn moonset, feel the unsettling nature of sinister thunderstorm clouds that loom in the distance and witness the unusual diffused colors of a smoky wildfire sunset.

Montana’s big skies are nothing short of spectacular but it’s the exciting unpredictability of weather that demands a continuing awareness and lasting appreciation by those that live here. The following images reflect the amazing beauty and mysteries of Montana weather.

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