Having grown up in Chicago, I had never given a thought to wildflowers…just petunias, begonias and other common annuals. When I moved to Montana in 1979, however, a whole new kaleidoscope of wildflower color lay at my feet on every trail. Over the years, I have studied closely the botany of the greater Yellowstone ecosystem and have come to realize the fragile nature of this region and how climatic conditions and weather dramatically impact the growth and development of wildflowers and other native plants in the mountains, foothills and prairies.

Embark on a photo tour and view some of the dainty wildflowers in my collection that grows with each passing year. There are over 300 species in my archives and I hope that you’ll visit this website often since we’ll be adding new wildflower images often. Use it as a resource for identification of common and rare flowers or just enjoy the complex nature of the delicate little beauties. If you’re planning a trip to Montana or Yellowstone, I encourage you to buy a regional wildflower book and see how many species you can identify. It’s wonderful fun and a great education for the entire family as you travel throughout our region of spectacular color.

The Wildflower Gallery is divided into five color categories:  Yellow, Pink, Blue and Lavender, White and Orange or Red.  Click on a category to view the images.