Few of us have the opportunity to live in a wildlife paradise or have the ability to relive the feelings of surreal excitement and exhilaration of a dream. For me, I've been lucky to experience both. Residing along the Stillwater River just northeast of Yellowstone, Nature's hand taps on my shoulder on a daily basis as a constant reminder of its gentleness or fury. How can one explain the feeling that comes with the camera click that captures a tiny fawn snoozing beneath a clothes line, an injured doe that falls prey to hungry coyotes or bald eagles that soar high, locking talons and free falling in their annual courting ritual. As a nature photographer, the fantasies experienced in dreams become moments of truth and wonderment!

Every photographic achievement is the direct result of having a deep respect for wild animals and an acknowledgement of their unpredictability and wary tolerance of humans. For any animal to accept me into their territory is an honor but to permit me to photograph them, even at a distance, is a privilege that is never taken for granted. All digital images of wildlife have been taken with a long telephoto zoom lens in order to ensure my safety and prevent any disturbance to wildlife.


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